Evaporative Cooler

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Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative Coolers are the efficient and low energy way of cooling your home. It employs a natural cooling principle
and it has a significantly lower impact on our environment. 

The team at the Power Saving Centre in Central Queensland has been installing and servicing Evaporative Coolers for over 10 years and works close together with the supplier to make sure our customers are happy and can enjoy their Evaporative Cooler all year around.

Why Evaporative Cooler?

There are four good reasons to choose evaporative air-conditioners

1: Save money - lots of money
Purchase and installation cost is usually around half that of a comparable reverse cycle air conditioning system. Plus you can save around 80% on running costs compared to a reverse cycle system.

2: It's the healthy choice
100% cool, fresh, filtered air throughout your home means the whole family can sleep easy. The natural principle used to cool the air means it is not dried out like reverse cycle air so no waking up with a dry nose or sore throat.

3: Lifestyle
Free flowing air through open doors and windows suits our Aussie indoor outdoor lifestyle.

4: Environment
No ozone damaging refrigerant gas or power hungry compressor motor means significantly less energy consumed, a much lower environmental impact and smaller carbon footprint.

Cool Breeze

The Power Saving Centre uses Cool Breeze for all our evaporative air-conditioning.

Cool Breeze is a family run business that was established in the early 1990's and has provided a comfortable lifestyle to tens of thousands of families across Australia as well as internationally.

Their wide range of commercial and residential systems offers a product for every situation. You can choose from a variety of units and colours to make it suit your home or business.

For information about our range of Cool Breeze products, please call the Power Saving Centre today.

All brands and makes!

The Power Saving Centre is able to service and repair all makes and brands of Evaporative Coolers and is able to find most replacement parts for the Evaporative Coolers around.

Service & Cleaning of your Evaporative Cooler

To maintain the best performance of your evaporative cooler, we recommend to get it professionally serviced regularly. The best time to service your Evaporative Cooler is during winter to have your system working and clean for the hot summer months.

You can book your service through us and by simply contacting our office on 07 4927 6527.

Our service includes checking the system and cleaning the filters.

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