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To complement our core business of offering you the very best in solar energy solutions, the Power Saving Centre can provide a range of products to help you further reduce costs in your home. For all your energy saving products for in and around the house, we are the only name you need to know. Contact our Central Queensland office to find out more about how our fantastic range of products can save you money and improve your lifestyle.

Solar Power

The experts at the Power Saving Centre in Central Queensland can tailor a solution to fit your exact requirements for Solar Power. We deal with a range of systems suitable for all purposes, from 1.5kW systems to the largest commercial systems possible.

We can also provide you with Stand Alone Systems, Hybrid and Grid Connect Systems.   

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Solar Hot Water

Power Saving Centre offers an easy transition to renewable energy with our high-quality and affordable range of solar hot water systems. Your electric hot water system can be one of the biggest energy users in your home or business. Installing a solar hot water system can reduce you hot water bills up to 90%!

Power Saving Centre offers a range of solar hot water solutions, including roof mounted and split systems, with our systems offering one of the longest warranties available. We also offer electric hot water systems with a solar ready option.

The federal government offers a Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC) rebate for solar hot water systems.

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Evaporative Cooler

Cool Breeze Air Conditioning systems are a fantastic alternative to typical current inverter units.

You can expect a top quality product that will save you big dollars on your cooling costs! Refer to the comparison below to see how much you can save by using this energy efficient option.

A Daikin FDYQ100L/RZQ100KC 10kW inverter unit uses $1244 worth of electricity.
A CoolBreeze D125 10.2kW uses $218 for the same time period. That’s over 80% saving or $1.81 a day versus more than $10 a day!
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LED Lighting

Easily the most efficient lighting system on the market today, LED lighting has an estimated energy efficiency of 80-90% as opposed to traditional lighting products.
This massive energy saving ability allows you to cut your lighting costs as well as your maintenance expenses!

Great for schools, businesses, sport clubs and fields and your home.

Get in contact with us to see all our LED Lighting products and talk to us the see how much energy you could save by changing over to LED.
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Skylights really add to the ambience and comfort of your home. Not only do they have great aesthetic appeal, they can bring natural light into any living or working space reducing your reliance on artificial light sources.

 The Power Saving Centre offers you several different skylight options. Sizes range from 300mm round to over 1200mm square. Vented models (ideal for bathrooms and toilets) and non-vented models are available.

Don't want cutting in your roof? No problem! We have shaftless skylights that offer good light in the areas most needed, even when the roof is a few stories up!

Roof Ventilation

By installing roof vents you can reduce your energy costs by lowering the temperature in your roof/attic space. The temperature in your roof/attic space can exceed 70 degrees Celsius which increases the temperature of your air-con ducting, meaning the air-con has to work much harder to deliver you the same result.

Power Saving Centre can supply you with roof vents that are solar powered or the roof vents without solar power also known as whirlybirds.

Roof Restorations

Is your roof due for replacement or are you suffering of any leaks? We have our professional accredited plumbers that can restore or replace your roof.

We also supply the service of replacing rusted out screws to prevent your roof from deteriorating.

Call our office for an appointment to quote you free of charge.

Service & Cleaning

We have certified Plumbers and Electricians that service all brands and models of hot water systems, evaporative coolers, roofing, pv systems.

Give us a call when you need your system serviced to improve performance or when there are issues that needs to be resolved.

Are the issues to be claimed under insurance, we are happy to come out and make a report for the insurance company.

More Products

Besides all the product you can read about as described before we are always on the lookout for new and good energy saving products, so chances are we have more in store than you can read about on our website.

Call us to book a free on-site assessment to discuss our products and to see how we can be of service to you.

Let our friendly and professional sales staff advise you about our energy saving products in the convenience of your own home! Our on-site assessments are free of charge.
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