PV Solar and Backup

Discover our Advanced Solar Power Solutions    in Central Queensland

Solar Power

Recent advances in technology mean that solar power for the home or office is now more affordable and effective than ever before! With our state of the art solar power systems, you can reduce your carbon footprint, do your part for Mother Nature and save money on your electricity bills. The experts at the Power Saving Centre in Central Queensland have been your local business since 2004 and can tailor a solution to fit your exact requirements. We deal with a range of systems suitable for all purposes, from 1.5kW systems to the largest commercial systems possible.
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PV Solar Panels

Our panels from JA Solar have been the world's leading cell producer since 2010, and have firmly established itself as a tier 1 module supplier and come with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty, as well as a 25 year performance warranty underwritten by Powerguard Insurance. We have access to any tier 1 panel available on the market today.

Grid-Connect Solar Power Systems

The most common type of solar power systems are grid-connected systems, which can be installed on both domestic and commercial buildings. Grid-connected solar systems harness energy from the sun, which is used locally, then sold back to the grid.

Off-Grid / Stand Alone Systems

As the name suggests, off-grid solar power systems are not connected to the standard electricity grid. As such, off-grid solar systems require energy storage in the form of batteries to ensue a usable energy supply outside of daylight hours.

Hybrid-Ready Solar Power Systems

Hybrid-ready solar power systems are the same as grid-connected solar systems, however they possess the potential to be upgraded to a hybrid solar system at a later date. By installing a hybrid inverter, customers with hybrid-ready solar systems can continue to export their excess electricity to the grid until they are ready to upgrade to battery storage.

Hybrid Solar Power Systems

Hybrid solar power systems combine grid-connected solar systems with battery storage. The addition of batteries to a solar system allows customers to minimise the energy that is exported to the grid and instead store it on site for later use.

Service & Cleaning of your PV System

To maintain the best performance of your PV system, we recommend to get it professionally cleaned every 12 months. You can book your cleaning through us and we will clean it with Nanoman, which repels dirt and makes it only necessary to clean it every 3-5 years. Our cleaning service includes checking the system and a service report.
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Solar System Pest Proofing

Animals like birds, possums and other pests sometimes find the possibility to nest under your panels. Those pests can damage wiring and the nests and debris they leave under your panels can cause a loss of efficiency through heat build up. Putting Pest Proofing in place takes away the opportunity for those pests to get underneath your panels.

We offer pest proofing services from $450 which involves us cleaning under the panels and removing all nests and debris before placing special designed wiring around the panels to prevent the animals from returning. If issues have occurred that need fixing before we can place the wiring, we will discuss this with you while on site and let our electrician quote you for the repairs. We will return to site to place the wiring after the repairs are made if requested without extra costs.

We are specialised in Commercial and Domestic so there is a product for everyone!

We Do the Paperwork

Because we take the Small-scale Technology Certificates off your invoice at the time of purchase, you immediately reap the benefits. All you need to do is sign the rebate form – and in most cases if you are building, this is taken care of by your builder. We’ll take care of everything including making sure your warranty form is correctly completed, processed and entered into our database for future reference and servicing.
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