Solar Hot Water

Efficient and Affordable Solar Hot Water Systems in Central Queensland

Solar Hot Water

Did you know that solar power systems can provide your home with a reliable, environmentally friendly and cost effective source of hot water no matter the time of day or the weather conditions? 

The team at the Power Saving Centre in Central Queensland has been your local business since 2004.
We are your local experts in solar hot water systems! Get the professional advice you need to choose the perfect system for your home.

Why Solar Hot Water?

Solar hot water systems can supply up to 90% of your daily hot water needs. What's more, solar powered water heating will significantly reduce your environmental footprint and your energy costs. The Power Saving Centre has a huge range of hot water systems that are suitable for all purposes. Our knowledgeable staff can make sure you get the right system for your particular needs.

By installing a solar hot water system you can be eligible for Government Small-scale Technology Certificates.
(Please note: eligibility criteria do apply).

Solar hot water systems work by using roof mounted thermal collectors to harness the sun's energy. Cold water from a storage tank is circulated through rooftop collectors so as to absorb heat and this heated water is then stored in an insulated tank for future use. If the sun's rays are not strong enough to meet your hot water needs, supplementary gas or electric boosters are automatically activated.

Solar Hot Water Range

The Power Saving Centre has awide range of commercial and residential systems including ground mounted split systems and roof mounted thermosiphon systems. You can choose from a variety of tank sizes, thermal collector options and boosting types as well as heat pumps and evacuated tubes. 

For information about our range of products and to discuss which system will suit your business or household best, please call the Power Saving Centre today on 07 1927 6527.

We Do the Paperwork

Because we take the Small-scale Technology Certificates off your invoice at the time of purchase, you immediately reap the benefits. All you need to do is sign the rebate form – and in most cases if you are building, this is taken care of by your builder. We’ll take care of everything including making sure your warranty form is correctly completed, processed and entered into our database for future reference and servicing.

Service & Cleaning of your Hot Water System

To maintain the best performance of your solar hot water system, we recommend to get it professionally serviced every 5 years. You can book your service through us by simply contacting our office on 07 4927 6527. Our service includes checking the system and the valves, flushing and cleaning the tank and a service report.
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